Help for members of WGfF

If you are a member of WGfF, you can order at discounted member prices.

Therefore please tick in the registration "Are you a member of WGfF?". Directly below it appears an additional text entry field for your membership number. Once there, please check your WGfF member number. Without entering the membership number we cannot verify your membership, unfortunately.

If you have ticked that you are a member, by clicking on "Complete registration" an automatically check for membership is done. In any case after that appear a message asking if you have been recognized as a member or not. You have the opportunity to correct your entries.

In older browsers, there may be problems with the member registration. Internet Explorer 8 and older is no longer supported. Please use a newer version or use another browser, e.g. Mozilla Firefox.

Are you a member and could not be verified, then please email us or call. We take care of this.